2001 Past Chair
Leonore Witchey-Lakshmanan began her career in 1988 in the Animal Formulation Development group of Merck Research Laboratories after receiving her degrees in Chemical Engineering from Ohio State and North Carolina State Universities.   While at Merck, she participated in the dosage form development of several product classes, including bio-erodible implants as well as antiparasiticides for companion animals.  In 1994, she continued her career in veterinary medicine development at Schering-Plough Research Institute, developing long acting injectable formulations, as well as orals and topicals for both food and companion animals.  She currently heads a group in Sterile Product Formulation Development in SPRI, with activity in protein/peptide, gene therapy and small molecule formulation development.  She is the author of several peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters and is active in AIChE as chair of WIC 1999-2000, as well as other professional societies.  At the 2001 National Meeting, her appointment to the AIChE Career & Education Operating Council was announced.

Leonore Witchey, K-11-2 J5
Schering Plough Research Institute
2000 Galloping Hill Rd.
Kenilworth, NJ 07033
Phone: (908) 740-2791
FAX (908) 740-2802
E-mail: Leonore.Witchey-Lakshmanan@spcorp.com