Inaugural Chair:     Joan Brennecke

WIC meeting at AIChE Annual Meeting
The WIC meeting and receptions were held at the November 1998 AiChE meeting in Miami.
1998 National Meeting Minutes

Old Business
The 1998 AIChE WIC November Business Meeting was held at the National Meeting in Miami Beach, Florida on Tuesday, November 17th at 4:00 p.m. A reception followed at 6:00 p.m.

The meeting started with old business. Joan Brennecke, 1998 WIC Inaugural Chair, started the meeting by allowing each subcommittee chair to present what had been accomplished during 1998. Some items discussed are as follows:

Information & Communication Subcommittee chaired by Joan Brennecke:

Website is up and running! Guests to the site can sign in and request additional information including signing up for the mentoring program.
A List-Serv should be up and running in early 1999.
A list of U.S. female faculty was compiled for communication to universities.
Roommate-matching service was successful for 1998 National Meeting and should be continued for future meetings. 15 - 20 responses were received from both faculty and students. Thanks to Kimberly Forsten for leading this service.

Outreach Subcommittee chaired by Betty Feehan:

An announcement on the program was in an issue of AIChExtra
Mentoring program established! Participants joined from the website, the Extra article as well as the National Meeting.
Some programming at future National Meetings will be planned geared towards mentoring.

Networking Subcommittee cochaired by Shannon Brown and Yvette Baxter-Drayton:

Planned the National Business Meeting and Reception.
Flyers announcing the Meeting/Reception, brochures describing WIC, signs and registration/sign-up sheets were found at the National Meeting and attracted more participation.

Visibility Subcommittee chaired by Stephanie Sullivan:

A list of potential Fellow nominees was generated and a nominee, Esin Gulari, was put forth for 1999 consideration.
An article followed by an advertisement were published in AIChExtra issues announcing our activities.
WIC recommended that Jennifer Brand be included in the 1999 Local Section Program Planning Handbook's Recommended Speakers List.
A presentation has been developed about WIC to share with any group, industry or academic, that may be interested.
Some female chemical engineers were submitted to be featured on the National Academy of Engineering's Celebration of Women in Engineering website.

1999 Officers Elected
Joan F. Brennecke
Chair Elect*
Leonore C. Witchey-Lakshmanan
Stephanie T. Sullivan
Betty Feehan
Past Chair**
Teresa Cheung
* Chair Elect will take over duties as WIC chair the following year.
** Teresa Cheung was chair of the original Task Force.

New Business
WIC has been approved to have a session in the years 2000, 2001 and 2002. A session held in 1997 was poorly attended. Several ideas were generated for session presentations:
History of Women in Engineering - Barbara Todd (Phillips Petroleum) shared with us later in the week some of the research she has completed on this. Also, Kimberly Forsten (Virginia Tech) mailed a copy of an article from Scientific American (November 1993, pp. 94-103) related to this. Barbara is very willing to research this as time permits. It was noted that we need to compile the information before it is all lost.
The Glass Ceiling
SWE 50th Anniversary, book summarizing June 2000
Starting your own company
Women in other cultures
How to mentor
"Out of the box" thinking
Academic vs. Industrial Mentoring
Balance family & career, work/life balance
Family leave or parttime work - how to plan for/request
Dual career couples

Also, the option for child care at the National Meeting was discussed. Can this be negotiated with the property holding the meeting? Can events be planned for family as well as kids while parents are attending sessions? The child care/family event planning does not need to be handled by WIC, but is an important issue that the National Meeting should consider offering. We will need to find out who needs to hear these suggestions.

Sean Bersell, Senior Director, AIChE Public Affairs, informed the Visibility Subcommittee that an opportunity had arisen for AIChE participation on a Congressional Commission. The "Commission on the Advancement of Women and Minorities in Science, Engineering, and Technology Development Act" required eleven people with such expertise to be appointed to examine issues relative to the Commission's name. Seven of these people would be appointed from industry and four from academia.**

Many awards are available annually to active, successful members of AIChE in addition to Fellow status. I now have a 1999 AIChE Awards booklet which lists those available, which are classified as follows:
Anyone who may be interested in learning more about these awards, please let me know. WIC needs to inform women in AIChE that these awards are available so that we might be better represented and acknowledged for our work in these areas. If you know of candidates or of great achievement, please let us know. An award may already be in place that can recognize that individual for their accomplishments.

Members of the Professional Development Committee presented to the Business Meeting information on the new structure of AIChE. The reorganization aims to "organize the Institute to be responsive to the needs of its members and other stakeholders." The existing "Council" will now be the AIChE "Board of Directors." Reporting to this Board will be three Councils with 1999 leadership as follows:

Chemical Engineering Technology Operating Council

Al Wechsler, Chair
Matt Tirrell, Vice Chair

Career & Education Operating Council

Stan Proctor, Chair
Dick Seagrave, Vice Chair

Societal Impact Operating Council

Shariq Yosufzai, Chair
Pete Lederman, Vice Chair

The first formal meeting will be held in March 1999. We were told that 1999 will be a transitional year from the old structure to the new structure. So, we must be patient while bearing the pains of change. WIC would be a part of Societal Impact.

Stats from the November Business Meeting/Reception:
Approximately 32 individuals signed into the WIC Business Meeting while an additional 34 individuals signed into the WIC Reception. Pictures of the event estimate that approximately 75 people were actually in attendance. Seven requested information about subcommittees; one wanted to be on the mailing list; eight both volunteered to mentor and be mentored; four requested a mentor; another four would like to mentor. Participation in both events was outstanding. 1999 in Dallas hopes to be even bigger and better.

** WIC put forth our Chair, Joan Brennecke, for nomination in early January. Sean Bersell has since requested in writing that the Governor of Indiana nominate her as the National Governors Association will be responsible for appointing the four academic representatives. Joan's participation as a leading force of WIC and her guidance of the University of Notre Dame's SWE chapter, along with her academic teaching and research experience, well supports her nomination. We hope that she is appointed to the commission.