2001 Spring Meeting

Minutes of the WIC Spring Business Meeting

On Tuesday in Houston, an informal WIC discussion included Barbara Todd, Caroline Reynolds, Barbara Glasscock, Stephanie Viola (new AIChE staff member working with Local Sections) and Betty Feehan.

Re Local Section Liaisons. In preparation for identifying LS liaisons, create an infrastructure to guide them (specific ideas for programming, suggestions for connecting women in local areas...). Develop a nationwide WIC activity for all WIC Members/Local Sections - perhaps during Women's History Month.

Re Students. During the student conference, rather than Conversations with WIC, schedule In Celebration of Women ChemE's - a 20 minute panel showcasing several WIC members, followed by a poster session and informal conversation.  The poster session would allow students to meet with WIC members whose bios would be on display (pictures and bios). [Maybe take digital photos of students standing before posters announcing what will be among women cheme's future accomplishments - e.g. "Nobel Prize awarded to ChemE" "Presidential Medal of Honor Winners include ChemE" This activity is to encourage everyone to think big and positively.]

Link WIC members with Project Connect, aimed at students and young professionals.

Write a proposal to fund a study of career patterns of women cheme's. Barbara noted that in her employer women vanish by age 40. Where do they go? What do they do? Why do they leave? What can employers do to retain them?
What interventions might AIChE develop to retain them?

Betty Feehan
Senior Manager, Career Services
American Institute of Chemical Engineers