Overcoming the Impostor Syndrome: A Workshop for Women
Author Information:
Young, Dr. Valerie, (speaker)
Making Waves
137 Barrett Street
Northampton, MA USA, 01060
tel. 413-585-0451, fax 413-584-6506
Email: vyoung@impostorsyndrome.com
URL: www.impostorsyndrome.com


Program Description
The overall goal of this program is to provide a safe forum in which women can begin to identify and then unlearn the kind of self-limiting attitudes and behaviors standing between themselves and their goals.

You will:
learn about the so-called Impostor Syndrome and how it works
understand why so many intelligent, capable women suffer from feelings of intellectual fraudulence, perfectionism and chronic self-doubt
find out what Nightline's Ted Koppel (and lots of other men) have learned that could change your life
recognize what luck, timing, charm and computer error really have to do with your achievements
understand how early messages about success, failure and competence may be holding you back
learn how race, class and gender can and do contribute to feelings of fraudulence (hint: it's not "all in your head")
explore common coping mechanisms "impostors" use to avoid being "found out" -- and how they fail us
understand why self-described impostors often fear success even more than failure
discover how to stop the perfectionism and procrastination standing between you and your goals
discover the secret to capitalizing on failures and mistakes
learn how to recognize and promote your accomplishments so you can build on your success
find out the good news about the Impostor Syndrome!

You'll have the opportunity to explore how your own internal rule book may be setting you up to fall short. And, you'll be guided through a step-by-step process designed to give you additional insight into your own self-limiting philosophies and patterns so that you can leave the session with a personalized plan for change. Finally, you'll learn practical strategies for interrupting the Impostor Syndrome so you can finally begin to see yourself as the bright, competent person you really are.

About the Speaker
Dr. Valerie Young is an internationally known workshop leader and public speaker. She specializes in helping individuals achieve their full potential. She has presented on this topic as well as her Success From the Inside seminar to over 20,000 women. Some of her clients include:
Professional Associations
American Society for Training and Development
American Women in Radio and Television
Association of Crime Lab Directors
Association of Women in Science
ClientFocus Roundtable (women law firm partners)
Connecticut Bar Association
National Association of Bank Women
National Association of Insurance Women
Professional Secretaries International
Society of Women Engineers (Boston and Maine chapters and the New England Regional and Southeast Regional conferences)
Women in Development
Women in Federal Law Enforcement

Higher Education
Amherst College
Boston University School of Medicine
California Institute for Technology
Clarkson University
Cornell University
Mount Holyoke College
Renssaeler Polytechnic Institute
Radcliffe College
Smith College
Texas A&M
Trinity College
University of Connecticut
University of Maryland
University of Massachusetts
University of Nebraska
University of New Hampshire
University of Texas
University of Wisconsin